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Doğuş University established in 1997 by the Law dated 09.07.1997, no. 4282, supplementary art.41, as a public entity and a foundation university. When it was first established, the University consisted Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Art, School of Technical Sciences Vocational Studies, School of Business Administration Vocational Studies, Institute of Graduate Studies.

Doğuş University Faculty of Law established in 2008 by the Council of Ministers Decision dated 06.05.2008 and by the Law No. 2809, supplementary art. 30. It began education in 2008-2009 academic year and gave its first graduates in 2013.

Faculty of Law is defined its aim, to train qualified jurists who will sense the needs of the contemporary life correctly, internalized the fundamental principles of Republic and the rule of law as well as the national law and the universal rules of law, will interpret the legal rules correctly with its different dimensions, will take responsibility in various areas either in Turkey or abroad.

The education language of the Faculty is Turkish. Our students begin their legal education from the first class. But students who wish to be academician or work at the international organizations or law firms can study one year English preparatory programme. Students also may enroll English Preperation Education for one year due to their request.

Doğuş University Faculty of Law has four year curriculum. In this curriculum there are fundamental lessons and besides these lessons there are faculty specialised lessons which are in the compulsory category like Human Rights and Individual Application, Turkish Democracy History, Consumer Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Law of Lawyer, Capital Markets Law, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Insurance Law and more.

Faculty, provides an opportunity to the students to visit institutions like İstanbul Anatolian Justice Court, Constitutional Court, Court of Cassation, Council of State, Institution of Forensic Medicine, Prisions and Detention Houses with the collaboration of student clubs.

The target of Faculty of Law is to educate students the existing legal system with its theoretical background and by improving their legal reasoning, provide them to put theoretical information in the cases, in other words improve their analytical thinking. In this regard, theoretical lessons are supported by case studies. In case studies we wait from students to identify the legal problems in the cases that can be real cases or the fictional ones created by the lecturer and solve the legal problems by using the information they learned from the theoretical lessons. Besides, within the context of the lessons we organize moot courts and provide students the opportunity to debate legal problems and solve them. Our students can also apply to the moot court competitions between the universities generally organized by Bar Associations which are lawyer’s occupational entity. Our students are prepared by the academicians to these competions and find chance to make defend in front of the judges, academicians and lawyers.

In every issue of the Doğuş University Faculty of Law Periodical, we are allocating pages to the student’s articles which passed from peer review. By this way we are encouraging our students to write in academic standards. We are also aiming to allocate one issue of the periodical in every year to the articles of our graduates and do not break our bonds and create an awareness at a scientific platform that they are the graduates of Doğuş University Faculty of Law.

Within the University thesis and non-thesis public and private law master programmes are being provided. Within the academic year University and also the Faculty is organizing personal development seminars. At these seminars current problems are being discussed. In these seminars students can get the opportunity to listen high court judges and prosecutors, professional academicians and lawyers.

Doğuş University hosts every year to the seminars and certificate programmes organizing by Public Procurement Law and Consumer Law Institutes and it became a tradition. Faculty gives opportunity to its students to be specialized with the master programmes and personal development seminars.

Doğuş University is being involved in Erasmus Programme and also signing bilateral agreements with the prestigious world universities. LLP-Erasmus is an EU programme that motivates the higher education institutions for mutual collaborations. The Programme aims to produce joint projects between higher institutions and supports the students who meets the minimum application requirements for mobility by unreturned grants at prestigious European universities.

Dean of Faculty of Law


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